This was such a fun project! Shandi Hunt, owner of Rogue Artistry, wanted a simplistic, modern + chic feel to her brand, while incorporating moody, neutral tones with pops of dusty pinks!

The results are crazy goals!!! Both her primary + alternate logos are subtle yet strong statements in and of themselves. A simple tweak in the text + a small icon can make all the difference in setting your brand apart! This brand gives me serious #beautygoals vibes!

We took her branding and built a super minimalistic, easy-to-navigate website for her clients to view her portfolio and easily book with her; less is more!

Shandi is a makeup + lash artist in Cali + her work is awe-inspiring!

Rogue Artistry is #mood all the way!

View her full branding below + click the button to check out her gorgeous website!