Are you a Non-Profit?

Non-profit organizations are very close to my heart.  I spent the year of 2016 traveling to 11 different countries with 35 other people.  We partnered with different non-profit organizations in each country and did a wide variety of ministry; from feeding the poor in South Africa to street evangelism in the Dominican Republic to building relationships with women in the Red Light district in Thailand. 

Ministry is near and dear to my heart and I'm very passionate about partnering with organizations that aid and serve people.

If you are a certified non-profit in need of online services, please click the button below.  I can offer you a discount on my services, though they may be limited depending on my work load.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to start an organization from the ground up, and your website and online presence is another logistic that, unfortunately, is really important.  

It would be my pleasure to offer what I am able to.