Mazztao Homes Primary Logo.Black.png


This project was a fun challenge! I don’t normally work with construction companies, but I loved getting to branch out + partner with an amazing new business!

Richard Mazzarino, president of Mazzarino Construction + sister business, Mazztao Homes, wanted a strong, modern + simple design that could stand the test of time; especially in the construction industry. We combined his + his business partner’s initials from their last names to create a powerful yet connected logo. Their colors feature the company’s signature blue + gray tones. I’m obsessed with gray so their branding was a dream!

Getting to work with Richard was a cool project outside of my norm! It gave me the opportunity to get into a different mindset with their branding + I couldn’t be more happy with the result!

For the website, Richard wanted an ultra simple + easy-to-navigate interface with a quality look + feel. The simple + direct nav bar, minimalistic layout + great copy create a comforting + trustworthy presence. Their website features an interactive map of where their projects are located.

Mazztao Homes is a division of Mazzarino Development + Construction in Houston, where they have built over 100 high-end homes. Their brand new company, Mazztao Homes, delivers quality + value inside the Houston Loop’s most popular neighborhoods.

Richard has been amazing to work with + it’s been so fun to be a part of his new company!

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-Banner photo by Paul R Davis Photography; property of Mazztao Homes-