HNC upgraded logo w stars.png


I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to design my own website + branding; I can truly say that I built my company from the ground up through learning, growing + honing my skills as an artist.

I wanted my brand to fully represent me and who I am. How I operate, what I love, what I’m passionate about; I wanted that to be fully communicated visually + through carefully curated copy that makes you feel like you’re talking to an good friend. I like to think of myself as an old soul; I dig deep, I want to know people’s stories, want them to know they’re valued, important, cared for + worthy. I wanted my brand to exude those things. I wanted people to feel inspired, comfortable + at home when they came across my brand or website. I want to invite adventure + new ideas; exploration of unknown spaces.

I’m pretty into nature (as I hope you can tell by exploring my website! lol); I love hiking, rock climbing, exploring…all sorts of whatnot. I had taken a look at other people’s websites + they just didn’t feel right for me. It wasn’t my style, it wasn’t my preferred layout, + none of it had a lick of nature! I wondered if it would be too much to incorporate all of the things I loved onto my website; after all, it is my business!

But then I realized that the business is me and if I tried to make it anything other than that, I would lose sight of my branding identity.

So, in short, I did whatever the hell I wanted with my branding + website! I fine-tuned it (+ continue to fine-tune it) to have as much of myself + my passions incorporated as possible.

Over the course of my business, I’ve had three or four different logo concepts, + I believe I have finally landed on the one that will stick around for a while. It took a little time to discover her, but here she is in all of her beautiful, nature-y glory! Featuring a deeply lined mountain of blues + grays, along with stars sprinkled above it. It fits in perfectly with the nature mood I’ve set for the rest of my website, and she’s here to stay!

View Hello Nell’s full branding below.