What if I already have a website?

No problem!  If all you need is a little (or a LOT) of adjusting on your pre-existing site, I can still help you out!  The Website Design Package will work for you! 


What if I just need a few things done to my instagram?

I GOT YOU!  I have some lovely gals who specialize in the biz!  To find out more info, get in touch with me!


Do you offer logo design on its own?

I certainly do!  I don't have it as a package because you get more bang for your buck with the full branding package!  Of course I can provide you with logo design alone!  Contact me to find out how we can partner together.


do you offer commissioned illustrative work?

Yes!  For commissioned illustration I charge $50/hr.  


Do you offer social media marketing?

I've got some great gals who know Insta marketing backward and forward!  I do offer an Instagram Branding & Optimization Package!  This will get you set up to start running a kickass Instagram, including insider tips, tricks and Insta branding!


Why do I need to sign a contract for an online service?

Contracts help both of us!  It's a safety precaution and protection for anything that might happen on either of our ends and helps keep your project on track to getting done in time!  This ensures a follow-through for both parties! 


Why can't you take my project as soon?

I am the sole proprietor at Hello Nell, which means I hold and work all the titles in my company!  Since I am a solopreneur, I can only take on a certain amount of projects at a time.  If I'm overbooked, I will make sure to get you on my schedule at the soonest possible opening!  This can be secured with a deposit.  I schedule my clients every other week when I'm accepting new projects.  Thanks for being so cool about it! 

How do I get in touch if i have any additional questions?

Just visit my contact page!  


How much of my information do you collect?

To get the lowdown on the data that I collect from you, visit my Privacy Policy!  It will tell you everything you need to know!