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Owner, web & graphic designer, illustrator & brander

Hey, friend! My name is Madison Nell Grimm, but you can call me Maddie.

I'm an independent creator and the owner of Hello Nell Company.  I've had a job since I was 13 years old, and growing up my parents told me that I could achieve anything if I was passionate enough. And lemme tell you, I’ve never been accused of not having enough passion about things.

the short back story:

I started Hello Nell Co because I wanted to be fully in love with what I do and have the freedom to invest in the people and things I care about.  Family, friends and travel are so important to me, and I wanted an ethical, sustainable business that I could exercise creative freedom in and help others exercise theirs.  I wanted to be able to enjoy life and my people to the fullest by having a flexible work schedule that allowed me to be involved in missions and family, and all the while still help entrepreneurs business owners like you launch an incredible, sustainable business.

The longer, more vulnerable back story:

I went on a year long missions trip around the world to 11 different countries in 2016.  It completely changed my perspective on how I view people, the world and the amount of need our world is in.  When I came back home, I wasn’t sure what my next steps were, but I knew I wanted to continue pouring out into people’s lives and taking action against injustice.  I was inspired by the Bucketlist Bombshells' enthusiasm for being your own boss and living your life in freedom. 

At the time, I was a practicing hairstylist, which I loved, but it simply did not allow me the freedom I wanted to travel, spend time with family and friends and be involved in missions.  So I started Hello Nell Company with the goal of creating an atmosphere I enjoyed working in, doing something that I loved every day and still having the freedom to work from wherever I wanted. I want to invest in the lives of my family, friends and people I meet here or around the world.  My ultimate goal is to be able to love on the people around me through vulnerability, truth, honesty and offering a unique perspective on branding businesses.  In addition to having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, my goal is to be able to partner with non-profits to offer a discounted/free website design/branding package.  It’s already so difficult to get a non-profit off the ground, and to have your online presence taken care of is a giant and important weight lifted off the founder’s shoulders.  I also wanted to have the financial freedom to live comfortably as well as financially support my friends and others in missions.

So hey, I’m Maddie! Nice to (hopefully!) know you.

P.S. I’m obsessed with outer space, nature, coffee, climbing on my roof, music, my dog Toby & everything pastel & black. So. Let’s talk.  😉

with grace,


WEb tech & business manager  


I’m Kristen; one of the tech gurus who can help you create a killer website and reduce that extremely high stress level you have by making your website work for you (think, an increase in organic traffic and leads).

I am the founder of Meraki Leigh Digital. WordPress & Squarespace web design, on-site SEO, online course creation, planning and creation of blog posts, email marketing strategy…these are my strengths.

Whether you need a brand new website or you simply need help streamlining your processes, I can help you like I’ve helped other female entrepreneurs before you.

The more personal info? I talk about my dog like she’s a human child, macarons are my weakness, I have a strong desire to sell all my things and live in a tiny house, yoga is the only form of physical fitness I’ve been able to stick with, and I spend about 99% of my free time dreaming about places I’ve never been and creating a plan on how to get myself there one day.